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Use of Images - A brief note

Please note that use of images is expressly forbidden without prior arrangement or agreement with Simon Palmer. In the event that an images is used without permission, Simon reservers the right to invoice the user and will pursue failed payment through court action in the UK.
Editorial Use:

Where agreed, free of charge editorial use is dependant on the following:

1. That a copyright notice will be displayed next to the image being used so that it can be clearly seen. The copyright notice will be displayed as follows:
© Simon Palmer -

2. Failure to display copyright notice for any reason will constitute a breach of the agreed use and will invoke an invoice that will have to be paid.
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Invoice calculation:

To assist you in understanding what the invoice cost will be should you breach any agreement I have listed below the method of calculation.

Publication copyright failure to comply:

1. Position and size of image used
2. Circulation of magazine
3. Period of time image will be in circulation
4. Punitive penalty uplift - 100%

The cost calculation will be based on current licensing costs of an image through Alamy or Getty images.

For example:
The image you have used is placed on the front cover of the magazine. Your circulation is 5000 copies.

The example screen shot would apply to your use.

The invoice cost would be: £840
Images with Logo embedded:

If you are in possession of an image with a logo embedded, you must NOT crop the logo out without permission. Doing so will constitute a breach of agreement and be invoiced as described here.

Please, if you are in doubt ask before using one of my images. Remember that all images are considered copyright, and as such cannot be used without consent or agreement.

Use of image without consent but with a copyright notice, may still be considered chargeable and as such require payment.