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About Simon

Simon is now a member of the British Equestrian Writers Association (BEWA)

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His in-depth understanding of animal behaviour enables him to get ‘that extra shot’, giving viewers a unique experience. Simon is privileged to work as cameraman on tour with Monty Roberts™ in the UK, allowing him to have what he calls ‘the best seat in the house’!

Working initially as a concert photographer, Simon used his ability to judge the perfect moment where the musician and the music come together to create stunning images that transfer the musical moment into an image.  Transferring the skills of awareness and timing to his passion for working with animals, he produces exceptional photography work which is sought after worldwide.

From personal to corporate, Simon has the experience to provide the services that you or your business need. His innovative approach allows him to treat each and every client as an individual, with competitive rates offering solutions to suit every budget. His relaxed yet professional attitude and his promise of total client confidentiality gives you complete confidence in his ability to produce what you are looking for. 

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