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“What a great idea! Book your own animal, or one belonging to a friend or loved one, on a Professional Photographic Shoot! This is a unique gift, an experience guaranteed to be enjoyable and rewarding for both the animal and the owner, and one to be treasured for a lifetime!”
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Share a Shoot
If you are quite a distance from Stafford and would like to share a Professional Photographic Commission, please contact Simon to let him know, and he will add your details to his database. Bear in mind that you would need to be prepared to be more flexible on dates and times than if you were booking a shoot for yourself only.

Where are you based?
Simon is centrally based in the UK in Stafford, Staffordshire, and travels throughout the UK and the rest of the world taking pictures. If you’d like to know if Simon can come to you, drop him an email or give him a call. If you’d like to try and combine travel costs by sharing the visit with someone nearby, take a look at ‘Share a Shoot’.

What style of pictures do you take?
That’s entirely up to you! You’ll see from the pictures on this website that many clients opt for the ‘natural look’, capturing the very spirit of the animal and the essence of their relationship, others choose to include their animals at work and play. Whatever it is that you’re looking for from your Professional Photographic Commission, just discuss it with Simon and he’ll work with you to create the images of your dreams.
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Anyone who owns an animal will look at that animal as part of the family. A Professional Photographic Commission is the chance to record forever a moment in time, and to capture on film the character and personality of the animal in your life. Simon travels to you to work with your animal in your own choice of environment, ensuring that the pictures encapsulate the spirit of the animal and the very essence of your relationship. His interest in animal behaviour, and studies of equine behaviour, mean that both you and your animal will feel relaxed and comfortable, giving natural shots to treasure for a lifetime.

Who / what do you take pictures of?

Anything in the Natural World! Simon particularly enjoys taking pictures of the Animal Kingdom, specialising in horses and dogs. He and his wife have their own dog, a feisty, larger than life but very pretty Jack Russell, and own 3 horses – Bell, Polly and Bones. Simon has a special interest in Animal Behaviour, and is a student of Intelligent Horsemanship as well as being cameraman for Monty RobertsTM on tour in the UK.

What facilities do I need?
Just somewhere to take pictures of you and your animals! Typically, somewhere they are relaxed and comfortable is a good place to begin, this will undoubtedly be easier in familiar surroundings or an open environment. First Simon will spend time gaining their confidence, to enable natural pictures. If you have somewhere the animal is safe to play then this can generate wonderful pictures full of energy and spirit. You can choose more than one setting, for example you might want pictures of your horse outside his stable, in his field, ridden, working in hand, and out for a gallop. Or maybe pictures of your dog in the house, in the garden, in the fields, playing in the woods, and working or doing agility. Or you might want pictures with yourself in more than one outfit, or your horse in more than one set of tack. Once you book your commission, Simon will ask you to think about what pictures you would like taken, so that you and he can be prepared on the day.