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Simon Palmer, Wildlife Photographer of the Year Semi-Finalist 2010, the man behind Into The Lens, has been taking photographs for over 25 years. Working initially as a concert photographer for bands such as Madness, Marillion and Simple Minds, Simon used his ability to judge the perfect moment where the musician and the music came together to create stunning images that transfer the musical moment into a picture. Transferring the skills of awareness and timing to his passion for working with animals, he produces outstanding photographic works and film footage of the animal world with a specialism in equestrian images.
Simon’s in depth understanding of animal behaviour enables him to get that ‘extra’ shot, giving viewers a unique experience. He has been privileged to have a long-standing association with Monty Roberts TM and Kelly Marks as the tour photographer and cameraman in the UK since 2005. His proven track record and ability to produce the required results has led to his pictures and articles being published in a variety of books and magazines. Public and professional awareness of Simon’s work has snowballed including an invitation to be the judge of a National equine photography competition run by Redpin publishing. Simon regularly provides a photographic commission service to horse owners, his innovative approach providing them with their desired shots, including his typical ‘signature style’ prints which have received great reviews.
Published in:
  • British Horse Magazine
  • Rider Magazine
  • Horse Magazine (School for Scoundrels)
  • British Dressage
  • Listening Post (Inteligent Horsemanship Magazine)
  • Join-up Magazine
  • Your Dog Magazine
  • Horsemart
  • Redpin: All Horse, Welsh Rider, Equestrian Rider, South-Eastern Rider, & Ridgeway Rider.
  • Equine Touch Magazine

  • Book of the Natural Horse - Sarah Widdecombe
  • Born To Whisper - Adam Goodfellow & Nicole Golding
  • HOYS Under The Spotlight - Gillian Newsum
  • Horse Massage for Horse Owners - Sue Palmer

  • BBC Racing from Ascot
  • Monty Live at Keysoe
  • Horsemanship Essentials - Horse & Country TV
  • Equine Touch World Conference
  • Equus Online University
  • Top Marks - H & C TV
  • Horse Massage for Horse Owners (DVD)


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